We invite you to join us here on the Maine coast for an

Academic, Experiential and Inspirational Journey.


What is academic?

The sixteen weeks of challenge, rigor, research, learning, successes, goals set, redefined and set again, portfolios, presentations, new ways of thinking, new ways of doing, new ways of being. High school credit for a semester long program that has the potential to change the way you view yourself, others and the world in which you live. At a time when it really makes a difference.


What is experiential?

Everything. The way you pack, the day you arrive, the other students, the interns and faculty who will become your family. The way you jump into everything because there are no observers here. The way your feet, your hands, your head, your heart and your soul work together in a way that makes you feel alive. The way you begin to ponder how you can take this home and how you can transfer everything you do here to the rest of your life.


What is inspirational?

You. Your strengths, your courage, your potential. You arrive at CSG already gifted, and the community helps you uncover elements about yourself that you have forgotten. There is inspiration in the morning sunrise, the mist on the water, the pounding of your heart, the swish of a kayak paddle, the osprey soaring overhead, the journaling, the discussions, the close friendships you will make, the mentors you will meet, the quiet, the stars, and in your aspirations. The way you bring home a clearer vision of who you are and what you want to become.


Join us!

We’re looking for bold, adventurous, and curious students.  We’d love to welcome you to the nation’s first ever residential science and leadership semester high school for girls.


Please read through our website and decide if you are the sort of open, honest and willing student that would thrive at CSG. Does sixteen weeks of learning, challenge, leadership, spontaneity, community and exploration sound interesting?


We’d love to hear from you.


Executive Director of Coastal Studies for Girls