CSG Mission

Immersed in a powerful combination of science and leadership education, CSG inspires girls and women to create joyful lives, vibrant communities, and a more connected world.

CSG Cornerstones: The foundational beliefs on which CSG stands that permeate all aspects of Coastal Studies for Girls and guide what we do.

Intention – Encourages awareness about the choices we make
Solitude & Reflection – Offers the space to connect with self and earth
Challenge – Pushes our heart, mind, and body to new ways of being
Community – Invites respect toward others and the world in which we live
Action – Demands that we contribute to the world in a positive way
Lifelong Learning – Ignites and fuels our internal drive to continue our growth process
Gratitude – Presents opportunities to give thanks for the abundance that surrounds us

Semester School Program Overview

Coastal Studies for Girls is a semester-long science and leadership school for tenth grade girls. The school brings girls from around the country to the coast of Maine for the fall or spring term of their sophomore year of high school. This enables students to immerse themselves in a challenging and rewarding experience while living in a beautiful coastal landscape that serves as a natural laboratory. Students at Coastal Studies for Girls interact directly with scientists and guest lecturers as they pursue a rigorous marine science based curriculum.

While environmental research and leadership are the primary focuses, CSG also provides the courses necessary for students to keep pace with their home high schools’ requirements in English, history, languages, and mathematics. As the only residential semester science school in the country that offers a single-gender setting, CSG promotes girls’ aspirations in the sciences—a field in which research tells us that girls will excel if they are given consistent and purposeful encouragement. CSG’s strong sense of community and dedicated faculty are crucial components in nurturing students’ intellectual curiosity, confidence, leadership, and self-determination. Coastal Studies for Girls provides a secure and accepting learning environment grounded in the pursuit of excellence. CSG is much more than a school—it is a profound life experience with the potential to be a life-changing event. Girls leave here empowered to make a difference at home, in school, and in their communities.